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Xi praises medical aid workers

BEIJING, Aug. 16 -- Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday applauded medical workers who have been on overseas aid missions during the past 50 years.

China has sent 23,000 medical workers to 66 countries and regions, treating about 270 million people in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Oceania.

The work has won full trust and praise from these countries and regions, Xi said while meeting representatives of the medical workers.

Medical aid missions are an important part of China's foreign affairs work. Medical workers have helped build an image of loving peace and cherishing life. They have also deepened the friendship between Chinese people and those in developing countries, and contributed to world peace and development, Xi said.

He also urged the government to improve living and working conditions of overseas Chinese medical aid workers.

Since 1963, China has been sending medical teams to developing countries to help with disease treatment and prevention, and introduce advanced medical sciences and clinical techniques.

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