Protecting Women Workers in Accordance with the Law

 “Trade unions should fulfill their duty in accordance with the law and rely on legal means to protect women workers’ rights,” said Su Ning, Chair of Qinghai Provincial Trade Union Federation at the fifth session of Qinghai Women Workers’ Committee held on November 11, 2014.

Women workers’ committees should work out solutions to problems faced by women workers in employment, income distribution, labor protection and social security, voice their demands and wishes, and organize women workers to participate in the formulation of laws and policies so as to protect women workers at source, Su said.

Su called on trade unions in the province to tighten safety inspections in collaboration with government departments concerned, promote the implementation of laws and regulations governing women workers’ rights and interests. Focus should be placed on the signing and execution of contracts for the protection of women workers’ rights, handling cases of infringement of women workers’ rights. Meanwhile, trade unions should build a sound service system for women workers, continue with the implementation of Care for Women Program and lift more women workers out of poverty.


  Source: ACFTU  2014-12-30

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