The 2013 Safety and Health Cup Awards

The All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU) and State Administration of Work Safety jointly held the 2013 Videoconference for China’s Ankang (Safety and Health) Cup Awards on 18 June, awarding honorary certificates of excellence to 2,270 enterprises and public institutions, and 1,517 groups.

According to Chen Hao, Vice Chair and First Secretary of the ACFTU Secretariat, the Ankang Cup competition has played an important role in occupational safety and health in China. Trade unions at all levels ensure the participation of all workplaces and workers likely to be exposed to production accidents or work hazards. Scientifically based, the competition serves to advance public safety and health work, and develop and improve laws and regulations for work safety and occupational health. Broad-based worker participation is encouraged in troubleshooting potential safety hazards, utilizing the fact that trade unions are particularly well placed to integrate work safety and occupational disease prevention and treatment into industrial agreements and contracts, and so help to promote a work safety culture. Emphasizing the role of trade unions, workers and the public in this field, Yang Dongliang, Minister of the State Administration of Work Safety, urged enterprises to define and exercise their work safety responsibilities: workers have a right to information about potential hazards and can be mobilized to troubleshoot and deal with them. Actions during the course of production which violate work safety laws and regulations, he said, need to be brought under control to ensure the security of the public’s life and property.

Fu Jianhua, Vice-Minister of the State Administration of Work Safety and Minister of the State Administration of Coal Mine Safety, read out the list of winners of the various individual and group Ankang Cup awards as conferred by the ACFTU. Leaders of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, the Central Committee of the China Communist Youth League, the National Railway Administration, the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the Ministry of Public Security and other organizations attended the ceremony and presented the awards to the winners.

First held by the Baotou City Federation of Trade Unions in the mid-1980s and then promoted by the ACFTU and the former National Economic and Trade Committee in 1998, the Ankang Cup competition now covers the whole country, with the aim of rewarding work safety excellence on the part of both enterprises and individuals. The Chinese characters “An” and “Kang” stand for “safety” and “health” respectively. Using competition, award and incentive mechanisms, the Ankang Cup has encouraged the participation of the public in work safety and health activities, as well as enhancing enterprise managers’ work safety awareness and management skills and improving workforces’ safety knowledge and capacity to protect themselves. Since 2002, the organizing committees of the Ankang Cup at all levels have organized a range of related activities, including work safety quizzes and lectures, painting, calligraphy and skill contests, 100 questions about work safety, online activities and much more. These have been very popular with enterprises and workers. According to statistics, in 2013 alone there were 436,000 enterprises and public institutions and more than 100 million workers participating in Ankang Cup activities.


  Source: ACFTU  2014-08-04

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