Millions on Move as Spring Rush Kicks off

 What is believed to be the world’s largest annual migration will take place in China. Starting on February 4, 70 million will hit the road for Spring Festival day, the country’s most important holiday.  About 2.8 billion trips are expected nationwide during the 40-day travel rush, an increase of 100 million over 2014.

On February 22, the National Reform and Development Commission, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Public Security and China Railway Corporation held a joint meeting to hammer out a plan to cope with the situation.

Lian Weiliang, vice-president of the National Reform and Development Commission, said that with the number of passengers surging by 100 million, it will be difficult to maintain security, especially when the annual two sessions of China’s top legislative body and top national advisory body are slated for this month.

Yang Yudong, deputy manager of China Railway Corporation predicted that during the Lunar New Year holiday season, roughly 2.8 billion trips are expected, an increase of 10.1%. Although new railways have been built and gone into operation, increasing the transport capacity, the travel craze will tax the nationwide transportation network to its limit.

Sun Huashan, vice-president of State Administration Work Safety, pointed out that with more than 70 million people using various modes of transport, his primary goal is to ensure their safety during the travel spree.

Sun revealed that since 2006, China has witnessed 25 road accidents and that 90% of them were caused by over-speeding, overloading, fatigue driving and driving in the wrong lane. This year, the State Administration Work Safety will tighten law enforcement.

Huang Ming, deputy minister of public security, said that public security organs at all levels will mount a nationwide campaign to eliminate safety hazards associated with passenger transport, transport of dangerous chemicals, highways and overcrowded places.

  Source: ACFTU  2015-02-24

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