Shanghai trade unions promoting labour protection

Giving added value to the ACFTU Safety and Health Competition. As the basic cell of an enterprise, a work team is the most important line of defence for work safety. According to the federation, 90% of occupational accidents in the city occur in frontline work teams. Among the victims of fatal accidents, frontline workers represent 90% of the total, and 90% of these are rural migrant workers. This shows that if awareness of work safety could be raised in every work team and every team member paid attention to work safety at all times, the occurrence of occupational accidents would be significantly reduced. Since 2011, the federation has therefore required grassroots units to strengthen team safety efforts, and conducted "tne and three zeros" work safety team activities, i.e. safety first, zero non-compliance, zero risk and zero accidents.

Since 1999 the ACFTU together with the State Economic and Trade Commission (now the State Administration for Work Safety) has organized a Safety and Health Competition. The Shanghai federation has mobilized active participation within the city. In the past 16 years it has driven the competition forward, boosting its added value and constantly extending its influence on society. Enterprises with excellent performance in the competition are recommended to apply for the National May Day Labour Prize or the Shanghai Municipal May Day Labour Prize. The content of the competition has been expanded, from work safety to social safety, from productive work to family life, from workers themselves to their dependants, from occupational health to the physical and mental health of workers. The focus has also been expanded to groups and industries at high risk of accidents, such as rural migrant workers, small and medium-sized private enterprises and the construction sector.

Thanks to these collective efforts, the Safety and Health Competition has attracted large numbers of enterprises. In 2013, for example, those registering for the municipal-level competition totalled 7,500.

Establishing five systems and a long-term mechanism. In terms of institutional protection, in 2011 the Shanghai Municipal Federation of Trade Unions along with the municipal administration of work safety issued the Opinion on Further Strengthening Work Safety and Labour Protection Work document, setting out five systems of labour protection:

the occupational safety and health (OSH) targeted collective contract system;

the system of employee representative committees to hear about and review OSH work;

the system of employee representatives making proposals and examinations around OSH;

the work safety, labour protection supervision and reporting system;

the accident report, investigation and tackling system.

So far, this work is still at the planning stage.

Going forward, the federation will continue to promote the Safety and Health Competition, strive to make breakthroughs in terms of its form, content and effectiveness, and give it a more central role; work for the success of the pilot "ccupational hazard prevention and control toolkit" programme; step up work safety research and identify outstanding problems; ensure, through trade union participation at the ground floor, that the voice of workers is heard in the formulation of OSH laws and regulations and OSH policy making; strengthen cooperation with government departments; and utilize its advantages to contribute to the basic stability of work safety in the city.


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  Source: ACFTU  2015-06-04

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