ACFTU Efforts on Legal Work

In the market economy, the fundamental responsibility of the Chinese trade unions lies in safeguarding workers’ legitimate rights and interests, and legal work represents a vital part of the endeavor, with the centerpiece of protecting workers’ rights through legal means and fostering harmonious labor relations and social stability.

Our efforts consist of following dimensions.

1. Participate in policy and law-making, namely participate in the formulation of national laws, regulations, rules and major economic and social development policies as well as reform plans that are of immediate interest to workers’ labor, political and democratic rights.

2. Carry out law enforcement inspections. Efforts are made to carry out supervision against violations, uphold rights of workers and unions, monitor enterprises to implement labor laws and regulations and urge government to tighten inspection and punishment.

3. Engage in the settlement of labor disputes. The Chinese trade unions take the initiatives to protect workers’ interests in labor disputes, mediate labor dispute cases at enterprises, and participate in the arbitration and litigation of individual and collective cases.

4. Provide legal aids services. Legal counseling and legal aids are provided for workers and legal consultations are offered to union organizations of various levels.

5. Conduct law education and campaigns. We compile materials and carry out legal publicity and education with regard to enhancing the knowledge and capacity of workers and union officials.

6. Build up professional law practitioners. Efforts are made to develop a team of talent, including labor dispute mediators, part-time arbitrators, union labor law inspectors and staff and professionals such as lawyers providing legal aids.

7. Conduct jurisprudence research and studies. Given the actual need of unions in better protecting workers’ rights, we carry out empirical analysis and theoretical studies, explore innovation and development built on the existing theories and provide guidance for practical work.

8. Promote corporate social responsibility. One of our focuses is to enhance the awareness of enterprises of shouldering corporate social responsibilities voluntarily, maintaining harmonious labor relations and social stability, promoting social and economic development and advocating decent work in accordance with law.

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  Source: ACFTU  2014-08-04

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