Measures to boost graduate employment unveiled

Recently Zhengzhou, capital city of central China’s Henan Province, issued a Circular on Promoting Graduate Employment and Graduate Startups in 2014. The aim was to create a favourable environment for college graduates to find a job or start a business of their own.

Expanding employment channels. According to the circular, small enterprises that sign up college graduates for more than one year and pay social insurance contributions on time will receive a one-year subsidy towards them from the Zhengzhou Municipal Government; small labour-intensive and hi-tech enterprises hiring college graduates can apply for small guarantee loans worth up to 2 million yuan (about US$ 325,000) and benefit from tax incentives if they make up at least 15% of the workforce; small and medium-sized enterprises with a proportion of college graduates exceeding 30% of their workforce can take out technological renovation loans from the government; and enterprises that sign up college graduates for more than six months will be paid a flat-rate subsidy for job training.

Helping college graduates start up their own business. The government will build no fewer than ten centres for college graduates to start their own business. Every county under the jurisdiction of the city should have at least one such centre.

Stepping up job training. The government will continue to run internship programmes, enlarge the scale of internship hubs for college graduates in the city by building another 50, and grant living allowances to graduates who take part in an internship programme.

Improving employment services. The government will stage job fairs to connect jobseekers with employers and offer flexible employment solutions to college graduates who have not found a job.

Giving preference to those who have difficulty obtaining employment. The government will give priority to college graduates all of whose family members are jobless, or from poverty-stricken rural families or those living on the bare minimum. College graduates with disabilities will benefit from government subsidies when seeking a job.

Creating a fair employment environment. The government will tighten up management of the job market and do everything in its power to eliminate all forms of employment discrimination, protect college graduates’ right to employment and prohibit employers from using discriminatory language to indicate a preference in terms of college, gender, etc.

  Source: ACFTU  2014-11-27

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