Union Hosts Job Fair to Promote Employment

On November 17, 2014, Wuxi Municipal Trade Union Federation in Jiangsu province staged a job fair to help find jobs for migrant workers, laid-off workers, struggling families and college graduates. 120 companies attended the fair and provided more than 3,000 positions.

Up for grabs were 40 types of jobs tailored to laid-off and impoverished workers, ranging from engineering, sales, catering, accounting, accounting management, warehouse keeping and family care.

Vacancies for people in their 40s and 50s were also available. 48-year-old Yao came from Anhui province. In August last year, he quit his job for health reasons and had been recuperating at home since. As his two children were attending university and he had to pay for their expenses, Yao wanted to find a job to support them and his family. “My first job was working as a security guard. Now I still want to get a job as security guard,” he said.

Yao added that employers at job fairs organized by trade unions did not impose strict age limits or academic requirements on job hunters and paid good salaries.

The job fair also offered employers a good opportunity to find people they needed. “We have recruited 23 people and they will start work tomorrow,” manager of Wuxi Medical Appliance Co. Ltd said with a smile.

At the job fair, Wuxi Trade Union Federation offered policy counseling and answered questions from job seekers about labor relations, enterprise democratic management and women workers’ rights.

The fair attracted nearly 2,000 job seekers. At the end of the day, 420 people signed employment contracts and 110 enrolled in free training programs provided by the trade union federation.

  Source: ACFTU  2014-12-30


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