Unions Hire College Graduates to Fill Staff Shortages

In recent years, trade unions in Anhui province have enlisted the help of the government in boosting youth employment and explored ways to fill public interest jobs with college graduates. In 2013, help and support centers run by trade unions around the province recruited 298 students, thus easing the shortage of hands at the grassroots levels.

The measures they have adopted include:

1. Pooling resources and solving problems at sources. The provincial trade union federation has incorporated the hiring of new staff for help and support centers into government recruitment plans. In 2013, the trade union federation issued the implementation plan for public interest jobs and released recruitment information on the internet, thus creating favorable conditions for trade unions to lift more impoverished workers out of poverty.

2. Rolling out policies for public interest jobs. Seeking people for public interest positions requires the province’s human resource bureau, judicial bureau, civil administration bureau and trade unions to work together. The human resources bureau is responsible for giving exams and working out relevant policies on salaries and benefits. The trade union federation will see to it that new recruits are college graduates who have been jobless for nearly two years. Their annual salaries, set at 18,000 yuan and subsidized by their trade unions, are paid by the provincial government. Those who get hired will sign a three-year contract and must participate in social insurance.

3. Taking on college graduates to carry out poverty relief work. The 298 college graduates the trade unions have signed up are scattered among help and support centers in townships, communities and industrial parks. They are tasked with providing a range of services including poverty relief, employment assistance and legal aid. Some trade unions offer training for new recruits, teaching the rudiments of poverty relief so that they enter into their roles as quickly as possible.

  Source: ACFTU  2015-01-26

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