ACFTU Urges Greater Protection for Workers

The ACFTU held a national conference on social security on to push for the implementation of China’s social security system and to protect workers’ basic economic rights. At the meeting, ACFTU vice-chair Jiao Kaihe outlines tasks for the new year.

Jiao gave credit to the trade unions for what they have done to carry out the social security system, protect workers’ rights and help needy workers out of poverty. He pointed out that Chinese economy has entered the new normal. Trade unions at all levels should have a good understanding of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speeches, study the new problems faced by workers under the new normal conditions.

Jiao called on trade unions to gear their work toward the needs workers, help address issues of most concern to workers, dovetail the social security work of trade unions with the country’s social security system, safeguard and develop workers’ interests and promote social fairness and justice.

He said the ACFTU will strengthen its social security work, include enterprise wage distribution, social insurance and worker welfare as part of the criteria for the evaluation of its performance, resolve wage default for migrant workers through legal means, urge efforts to improve medical insurance for serious illnesses, promote the implementation of the paid annual leave system and improve the collective welfare of workers.

  Source: ACFTU  2015-04-03

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