Collective Bargaining Gives Workers a Voice

The Dazhou Municipal Trade Union Federation in Sichuan province is making greater efforts to step up collective bargaining so that wages in different regions and industries can be decided on by workers through consultation with employers. With such a mechanism in place, workers can have their voice heard and their wages are no longer determined by employers alone.

For quite some time, trade unions in Dazhou agonized over the yawning income gaps among different regions, industries and social groups. Wages for ordinary workers were on the low side and wage growth remained sluggish. The situation dampened not just the spirit of workers but also hurt the long-term expansion of enterprises.

By introducing collective bargaining, the trade union federation has got over a whole range of difficulties, such as setting work quotas, formulating wage standards, getting labour and management together to talk things over and bringing the workers’ congress into play, thus easing labour-management conflict and bringing about a win-win for both sides.

Thanks to the efforts of the Dazhou Municipal Trade Union, a fledgling collective bargaining system has been put in place. By the end of 2014, collective bargaining had covered 6,851 enterprises, including one of Fortune Global 500 companies, and 680,000 workers.


  Source: ACFTU  2015-07-21


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