Sunshine Employment Programme


In 2009, the ACFTU and China’s Ministry of Education joined forces to initiate an employment programme for college graduates in a move to minimize the impact of the international financial crisis. Known as the Sunshine Employment Programme, it is geared toward those from struggling families who wish to seek hands-on experience before they secure a job offer.

Trade unions nationwide take full advantage of their facilities to offer job training and internships to college graduates. As trade unions remain in close contact with employers, job training, which is tailored to the needs of employers, is readily available. To alleviate pressures on graduates, trade unions strengthen employment guidance with a focus on helping them establish the right approach to employment, set proper career expectations, sharpen job-hunting skills and make the most of government policy. For new graduates to be ready to enter the world of work at short notice, trade unions offer a complete package of services, ranging from online recruiting to campus recruitment, job fairs and meetings between hiring companies and jobseekers.

Trade unions also run training programmes for students who aspire to start their own business, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds. To help their business grow, trade unions identify profitable projects for them and offer small loans and policy counselling. The aim is to lift more students out of poverty and assure them a future “in the sunshine”.

Incomplete figures show that in 2013, trade unions throughout the country offered internships to 122,876 disadvantaged students, provided 102,054 with training and found jobs for 85,323.

  Source: ACFTU  2014-05-14

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