Unions Go out of Their Way to Serve Migrant Workers

Recently Guangxi Autonomous Region Trade Union Federation has laid out a slew of measures to clear all the hurdles in the way of serving migrant workers. These include:

Stepping up organizing and recruiting the majority of migrant workers into trade unions. The trade union federation will launch a new wave of organizing campaigns targeting the private sector as well as the construction, mining and catering industries where migrant workers are most likely to be employed, explore ways to organize migrant workers in village enterprises, office buildings and community factories, and simplify procedures for migrant workers to join trade unions. Meanwhile, the trade union federation will set up service centers in major construction sites.

Protecting migrant workers’ rights. The trade union federation will push for the establishment of an employment system that encourages competition on an equal footing and an income distribution system that guarantees fairness,urge government departments concerned to formulate and perfect laws and regulations governing wage payment, work quotas management and workplace safety, promote collective wage bargaining in enterprises with focus on creating a series of sound mechanisms for wage determination, normal wage growth and payment security, urge the global 500 corporations to carry out collective wage bargaining, tighten supervision over the implementation of collective wage contracts and carry out the regional(or industrial) collective contract system in areas with a high concentration of small enterprises and migrant workers.

Solving issues of most concern to migrant workers. Trade unions should do everything possible to retrieve defaulted payments for migrant workers, help them reclaim their overdue wages through legal means such as mediation and arbitration, give full play to the role of the 12352 helpline and legal service centers, offer migrant workers legal services free of charge, urge efforts tosolve the problem of social security for migrant workers, see to it that employers offer work-related injury insurance and industrial accident insurance for migrant workers, seek compensation for migrant workers who are injured on the job, make sure that migrant workers are represented in workers’ congresses in enterprises and institutions with migrant workers making up a large proportion of their workforce, protect migrant workers’ right to health and safety, step up supervision and inspection over the implementation of labor laws and regulations governing occupational health and safety and urge enterprises to strengthen and improve safety management as well as the prevention and control of occupational diseases.

Offering better services for migrant workers. Trade unions should help the 400,000 workers in the region return to their hometowns for the Spring Festival every year, stage skills contests to improve their technical competence and employability, launch Union Employment Assistance Month in an effort to help migrant workers find jobs and offers free check-ups and provides special care for them.

  Source: ACFTU  2015-01-27

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