Unions Enhance Services for Migrant Workers

Anhui Provincial Trade Union Federation has worked out five measures for the implementation of the Opinions of the State Council on Solving Problems Facing Migrant Workers. To better protect migrant workers and to raise their happiness index, trade unions in the province are doing everything they can to help them to start their own businesses, find employment and ensure their health and safety at work.

1. Job training. This year, the Anhui Trade Union Federation has set aside 1 million yuan for helping migrant workers develop job skills. The trade union federation has called on trade unions at lower levels to provide training for migrant workers before they start work, especially those from enterprises that have a strong union presence. In addition, the trade union federation encourages worker schools to work in partnership with enterprises to deliver training tailored to the needs of migrant workers. To help migrant workers find jobs after training, trade unions in the province, in collaboration with government departments and enterprises, offer a diverse range of services such as policy consulting, career guidance and job placement. Trade unions have even created employment websites for migrant workers and helped migrant women workers to find jobs suitable for them such as domestic help.

2. Education for migrant children. Over the past 17 years, trade unions in Anhui province have supported 172,900 children from struggling families through school. Of this total, 95,649 got tested into college. For poor children to have better access to education, the provincial trade union federation strives for financial support from various sectors of society. For instance, the provincial mobile telecommunications company donates 300,000 yuan each year to subsidize the education of poor children. The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China funds 200 migrant workers every year until they complete university. The Hefei Municipal Trade Union Federation and the city’s education bureau have teamed up to fund 941 poor children in need of subsidy. In Bangpu, a large city in Anhui province, the government has allocated 1.2 million yuan from its budget to help 100 poor students get through college.

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  Source: ACFTU  2015-04-13


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