Unions Enhance Services for Migrant Workers

3. Campaign against wage arrears. Trade unions in Anhui province assist the government in solving the problem of wage arrears. To help migrant workers get back their unpaid wages, the Anhui Trade Union Federation and the provincial bureau of human resources and social security jointly issued a circular ordering a wage overhaul in the province. During the Spring Festival in 2014, the trade union federation carried out a large-scale inspection, helping 14,700 migrant workers recover 18 million yuan owed to them.

4. Poverty elimination. The trade union-run help and support centers across the province gear their services to migrant workers who are struggling in poverty, establish special files for 30,000 migrant workers in need so that they enjoy access to aid on an equal basis with their urban peers. During the Spring Festival season in 2014, trade unions around the province handed out 158 million yuan to poverty-stricken migrant workers, visited 6,814 inefficient enterprises and lifted 197,000 workers out of poverty.

5. Ready to help. Trade unions at all levels go out of their way to make healthcare and education accessible to migrant workers in need and help them return home safe and sound for the Spring Festival, the most important public holiday in China. To make it easy for migrant workers to go home for a family reunion, the trade union federation in Ma’anshan, a large city in Anhui province, has joined hands with the city’s railway and transport departments to offer train ticket booking services for migrant workers in their workplace. The trade union federation in Fuyang, another large city in the province, hires buses to send migrant workers home free of charge. According to incomplete figures, during this year’s Spring Festival, trade unions across the province purchased train tickets on behalf of 12, 379 migrant workers and sent 23,235 back home in rented buses.

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  Source: ACFTU  2015-04-13


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