Unions Go All out to Help Migrant Workers

Between November 2014 and January 2015, trade union organizations in Sichuan province handled 570 legal cases involving 7,726 migrant workers, retrieved more than 1 billion yuan in unpaid wages, work accident compensation and social security payments.

Trade unions in the province had a lot to show for their efforts. In November 2014, the Sichuan Provincial Trade Union Federation issued a circular, calling for greater efforts to curb wage arrears during the forthcoming new year holiday.

Meanwhile, the trade union federation made phone calls or wrote letters to trade unions in other provinces and cities soliciting their help for migrant workers from Sichuan province working in their localities.

To help migrant workers get back their unpaid wages, trade unions in Sichuan province set up a helpline. So far, the helpline has received 186 calls.


  Source: ACFTU  2015-02-13


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