ACFTU's eight measures for eradicating the problem of back pay

To ensure that rural migrant workers are able to collect their wages on time and in full, the circular sets out eight specific measures, including the following:

nominating an enterprise labour relations information contact, who first reports to the targeted inspection lead team and the higher-level trade union in the event of wage default or employers absconding with wages unpaid;

making maximum use of the union legal aid centre, the "12351"employee rights protection hotline and the trade union support centre to deal with individual wage cases in conformity with the law;

running legal education campaigns and offering legal aid and services to rural migrant workers; assessing risk around withholding of wages, through worker home visits and research;

supporting rural migrant workers in difficulties due to wage arrears.

In 2015, trade unions are placing greater emphasis on a “system guarantee” to resolve this issue at the roots. For example, they will support the government in establishing and improving the wage deposit system, the buffer fund for wage arrears and other wage payment guarantee mechanisms; and setting up a wage non-payment reporting system: whenever trade unions discover instances of delayed wage payments, they should demand before the month’s end that administrative staff report to the worker representative committee on the reasons, the number of workers involved, the total wage amount concerned and the provisions made for payment, and that a settlement plan be filed with the public administration.

In the meantime the ACFTU requires local trade unions to make a clear stand on protecting the legitimate rights and interests of rural migrant workers against any deliberate default on wages or violent conduct by the agents of any enterprise against rural migrant workers claiming their wages, and demand that the public security and jurisdiction departments crack down upon such behaviour in accordance with the law.

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  Source: ACFTU  2015-06-10

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