Green Jobs for Decent Work

Green jobs have great potential in China. The ACFTU is glad to see that the Chinese government is to increase its investment in clean energy development, public transport and agricultural infrastructure so as to create more green jobs.In this contect, ACFTU and ILO have jointly held a seminar on Energy-Saving, Emission Reduction, Green Jobs and Decent Work in Beijing in December 2013, which was attended not only by trade union representatives at various levels, but also representatives of the Committee of Environmental Protection and Natural Resource Conservation of the National People’s Congress, the China National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

ACFTU Vice-Chair Jiang Guangping made the remarks that as China pursues a green economy, green jobs are springing up across all sectors, particularly energy supply, resource recycling, agriculture, forestry and energy conservation services. However, like many other countries, China is also plagued by the problem of indecent work. Workers in these sectors are usually poorly paid, suffer from lack of job security and work in hazardous conditions.To tackle the problem, the ACFTU has introduced a series of initiatives, such as offering green skills training, encouraging them to cut emissions through technological innovation and teaming up with the government to improve working conditions and raise the pay level and social status of workers in green jobs.

Promoting green jobs is a shared philosophy  by both ILO and ACFTU. With the transformation of economic growth pattern, industrial upgrading and the emerging industries in China, the Chinese unions are gearing up for providing high-quality skill trainings for workers, creating green jobs, pursuing employment security and environmental protection, and facilitating the transition to green economy for decent work for all. The efforts also cover the ongoing techonical cooperation with ILO Green jobs Initiative.

  Source: ACFTU  2013-12-31

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