Caribbean Labour Movement Workshop Held in Beijing

The Seminar of China-Caribbean Trade Union Leaders was held in Beijing during August 22nd to 23rd, 2013. The theme was Social Security System and the Role of Trade Unions.

23 trade union leaders from 12 Caribbean countries came to attend the Seminar in Beijing. Experts and scholars from the ACFTU, Ministry of Commerce and China Institute of Industrial Relations gave presentations on the macro-economic development in China, social security system and the role of trade unions in China, and commercial and trade cooperation between China and Caribbean countries. The leaders of the Caribbean trade unions also talked about the economic situation and social security system in their respective countries, and how their organizations are participating in the social security system. One area of special concern for the participants was the labor issues related to Chinese investment in the Caribbean region.

Leaders of the Chinese and the Caribbean trade unions both expressed their interests in cooperating in trade union capacity building. They agreed to explore ways to organize seminars regularly both in China and in the Caribbean countries to exchange successful experiences. The ACFTU and the Caribbean trade unions also called for higher level China-Caribbean cooperation in international affairs including global governance to safeguard the interests of the developing countries.

After the Seminar, the participants headed out to Gansu province, situated in the western part of China. They exchanged ideas with the provincial federation of trade unions on how the trade unions should participate in social security system.

  Source: ACFTU  2013-08-30

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