ACFTU-WFTU Youth Employment Seminar

The ACFTU-WFTU Youth Employment Seminar was held on December 2, 2014. ACFTU Vice-Chair Jiang Guangping made remarks at the opening ceremony.

Jiang said the Chinese trade unions and the WFTU enjoy traditional friendship. Over the years, both sides have treated each other on an equal footing, supported each other and maintained close cooperation with a view to promoting decent work for the working class. The workshop is a result of the regional exchanges and deepened cooperation between the ACFTU and the WFTU.

He was sure that the workshop will not only offer an opportunity for both sides to have a clearer understanding of the challenges posed by globalization to the youth of the developing countries and to find out solutions but also play a positive role in promoting friendship and cooperation between the ACFTU, the WFTU and the trade union organizations in Arab nations.

Ahmed Ibranhim HASSAN, the secretary of the WFTU, said in his opening remarks that Arab nations are still in the grip of the economic crisis, which has triggered widespread social instability and sent youth unemployment skyrocketing. As the social security system is falling apart, jobless young can hardly eke out a living. He believed that the workshop will do much to help them out of their predicament.


  Source: ACFTU  2014-12-09

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