ACFTU Assessment Team in Laos

On November 25, 2014, a team of ACFTU training experts arrived in Vientiane, capital of Laos, to carry out an evaluation of a 10-year-training program for union leaders in Laos.

The evaluation was conducted in the form of training, experience sharing, focused interviews and questionnaires.

According to the evaluation findings, 90% of the participants were able to put what they had learned to practice. The majority of the participants have become the backbone of their unions.

All the participants brought forward proposals and measures for improving the work of their unions after completing the program. Some even suggested bringing in training methods and contents from the ACFTU.

Many participants hoped that the ACFTU could deliver more training to Lao trade unions. The Laos Federation of Trade Unions expressed its desire for the ACFTU to hold the workshop twice a year and to increase the number of trainees from 15 to 30.

Sponsored by the ACFTU and already under way for 10 years, the training program focuses on union organizing, collective bargaining, model worker management, employment, social security and union funding management. So far, 172 Lao union leaders have attended the program.

  Source: ACFTU  2014-12-08

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