Decent Work and Social Security

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Background Report

2011 International Forum on Economic Globalization and Trade Unions

Transforming the Economic Development Pattern · Workers’ Capacity Building---Decent Work and Social Security

International Trade Union Forum

April 27-28, 2011




Chapter 1 Transforming the Economic Development Pattern in the Post-Crisis Era

1.1    Rebalancing: A Buzzword of the Post-Crisis Era

1.1.1 The Role of Emerging Economies in Driving Global Growth

1.1.2 From Global Imbalances to Changes in the International Division of Labour

1.1.3 The New Premier Forum for International Economic Cooperation

1.1.4 Inclusive Growth: A Priority on the Rebalancing Agenda

1.2 Transformation of Economic Development Pattern: A Challenge of the Post-Crisis Era

1.2.1 Low-Carbon Economy: The Solution to the Looming Energy Crisis

1.2.2 Climate Change: Common Response Required to Avert Catastrophe

1.2.3 New Technology Revolution: Knowledge Dividend or Digital Divide?

1.2.4 Measuring Economic Development: From GDP to Green GDP

1.3 Transformation of Economic Development Pattern: The Social Impact

1.3.1 Employment: Still a Challenge?

1.3.2 Income Inequity: Will it Continue?

1.3.3 Skills Enhancement: A Pressing, Long-Term Task

Chapter 2 Transforming the Economic Development Mode and Workers’ Capacity Building

2.1 Targets and Hopes: A Perfect Combination of Economic Development and Workforce Capacity Building

2.1.1 Imperative: Capacity Enhancement Induces Mode Change

2.1.2 Effective: Returns for Capacity Enhancement

2.1.3 Green Returns: Environmental Protection Is Compatible with Decent Work

2.1.4 Dawn of Fairness: Capacity Enhancement Helps Improve Social Justice

2.2 Difficulties and Challenges: Real Issues That Cannot Be Ignored When Enhancing Workforce Capacity

2.2.1 An Imbalanced Situation: Workforce Capacity Building Is Moving to Two Extremes

2.2.2 A Neglected Focus: A Grim Future for Skills and Quality Enhancement

2.2.3 An Obstacle to Fairness: Capacity Enhancement for Vulnerable Groups Faces Many Problems

2.2.4 Hampered by Poverty: Low Wages Have Compounded the Plight of Vulnerable Groups

2.2.5 Accumulated Pressure: Restraining the Transformation of the Economic Development Pattern

2.3 Strength and Action: Raising Working People’s Capacity While Transforming the Economic Development Pattern

2.3.1 Solid Foundation: Laws, Policies and Cash Support

2.3.2 Highly Efficient Organization: Paying Attention to Ways and Means in Genuine Action

2.3.3 An Open Programme: Quality Improvement and Social Progress Reinforcing Each Other

2.3.4 Integration of Power: Establishing Social Dialogue and Partnership

2.3.5 Trade Unions’ Role: Striving for and Safeguarding Rights of Working People

Chapter 3 Social Security and Decent Work

3.1 Post-Crisis Development of Global Social Security: Formidable Tasks Ahead

3.1.1 Social Security: A Luxury or a Necessity?

3.1.2 Social Security Privatization: A Cure or Toxic?

3.1.3 Population Ageing: A Threat or an Opportunity?

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  Source: ACFTU  2011-04-27

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