Employment Crisis and Sustainable Development

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International Financial Crisis and the Role of Trade unions---Employment Crisis and Sustainable Development

Background Report

2010 International Forum on Economic Globalization and Trade Unions

All-China Federation of Trade Unions

February 25-26, 2009

Chapter I  The International Financial Crisis of a Far-Reaching Impact

1.1  The world in the tide of crisis

1.1.1 A heavy blow dealt to the world economy

1.1.2  Increase in population of poverty in the world

1.1.3  Degradation of global employment situation

1.1.4  Frequent political and social crises in some regions

1.2  Root cause of the international financial crisis

1.2.1  Income gap created excessive credit consumption in the US

1.2.2  The imbalance of globalization

1.2.3  Loopholes in the financial regulatory system

1.2.4  The international financial system that is seriously flawed

1.3  Global response

1.3.1  Global action against the crisis

1.3.2  Winding road to recovery

1.3.3  Alarming questions

Chapter II  Labor Rights in the Global Financial Crisis

2.1 Jobs crisis on the Rise

2.1.1 More Dramatic Imbalances between Labor Supply and Demand

2.1.2 Rising Unemployment

2.1.3 More Vulnerable Employment

2.1.4 Vulnerable Groups in More Difficulties

2.2 Workers’ Living Conditions in Slump

2.2.1 Wage Decline

2.2.2 Wage Arrears

2.2.3 Minimum Wages

2.2.4 Income Gap

2.3 Social Protection

2.3.1 Social Security Funds

2.3.2 Social Security Expenditure

2.3.3 Obstacles to improve social security

2.3.4 Social Security Policies

Chapter Union Action to Fight the International Financial Crisis

3.1 International trade union organizations

3.1.1 World Federation of Trade Unions: fighting against capitalist exploitation, protecting workers’ fundamental rights and interests

3.1.2 International Trade Union Confederation: participation at the global level

3.2 Regional organizations

3.2.1 Organization of African Trade Union Unity: Safeguarding African workers’ interests

3.2.2 International Confederation of Arab Trade Unions: strengthening social dialogue, promoting employment through development

3.2.3 ETUC: reestablishing a fair financial market through joint actions

3.3 Union response at national level

3.3.1 Indian trade unions: Strengthening social dialogue, securing workers’ interests

3.3.2 Singapore trade unions: improve the employability of workers to prepare for the future

3.3.3 South Africa: Promoting decent work, increasing workers’ income

3.3.4 Australia: Regulating the financial order, safeguard workers’ interests

3.3.5 Brazil: Uniting together to promote employment

3.3.6 Germany: Pursuing win-win results through cooperation

3.3.7 Chinese trade unions: Putting workers first, sharing weal and woe to promote development

3.4 Challenges ahead

3.4.1 Membership loss

3.4.2 Traditional means of protection weakened

3.4.3 The influence of trade unions wearing away

Chapter IV Post-Crisis Era: Employment-Sustainable Development-Trade Unions

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  Source: ACFTU  2010-02-25

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