Equal Opportunities, Common Development

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Equal Opportunities,Common Development

2013 International Forum on

Economic Globalization and Trade Unions

September 2013


Chapter 1 Rebuilding the value of labour and promoting global rebalancing

1.1 Slow, fragile and unbalanced recovery of the global economy

1.1.1 Global economic recovery is still tottering

1.1.2The foundation for economic recovery is still fragile

1.1.3 The global economy is in a “three-speed” recovery

1.2 Economic recovery has not brought employment recovery

1.2.1 Employment recovery lags behind economic recovery

1.2.2 Entrenched unemployment

1.2.3 Unbearable burden for young people

1.2.4 Employment of lower quality

1.3 Underestimating the value of work

1.3.1Are wages really increasing?

1.3.2Share of the cake getting smaller

1.3.3Weakening labour

1.4 Who took the workers’ slice of the pie?

Chapter 2 Sharing opportunities and promoting development together

2.1 Crisis creates opportunity

2.1.1 The demographic factor: Development opportunity and formidable challenges

2.1.2 Technological dividend: Nuclear power and the double-edged sword

2.1.3 Economic integration: Boost to recovery or obstacle to development?

2.1.4Green measures: Strategic shift and decent work deficit

2.1.5 New social policies: Innovating systems but slowing poverty reduction

2.2 Irreversible trend of the times

2.2.1 Peace

2.2.2 Common development

2.2.3 Cooperation

2.2.4 Win-win result

2.3 Emerging global governance mechanisms

2.3.1 The rise of the South

2.3.2 More voices for reform

2.3.3 Emerging mechanisms

2.4 Exploration that follows the trends

2.4.1 Pursuing openness and common development

2.4.2 Jobs, jobs, nothing but jobs

2.4.3 Social protection and gender equality

2.4.4 Emerging industries and SMEs

2.4.5 Developmental government and service government

Chapter 3 Pressing on: A development road with unique characteristics

3.1 Serving as a bridge between the Party and the workers

3.2 Playing the role of an important pillar of the socialist Society

3.3 All-round development: Developing the progressiveness of

the working class

3.4 Win-win cooperation: Building harmonious labour Relations

3.4.1 Enhancing social dialogue as part of labour relations

3.4.2 Pushing for collective wage bargaining

3.4.3 Building harmonious enterprises

3.5 Decent work: Safeguarding workers’ legal rights

3.5.1 Offering employment services

3.5.2 Give Warmth Project

3.5.3 Legal aid

3.6 Participation in legislation: Building a sound legal system

3.7 Cooperation on an equal footing: Building a global labour Movement

3.8 Keeping up with the times: Strengthening self-construction in the spirit of reform and innovation

3.8.1 Setting up trade unions in all enterprises

3.8.2 Serving grassroots workers and increasing cohesion

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  Source: ACFTU  2013-05-23

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