Equal Opportunities, Common Development

Chapter 4. Social equity and justice: The dream of working people

4.1 Achieving sustained development and enhancing social Cohesion

4.1.1 Sharing opportunities, achieving inclusive growth, and rebalancing the world economy

4.1.2 Making a joint contribution to development and fully releasing the potential and creativity of working people..

4.1.3 Sharing opportunities, making a joint contribution to development, eliminating social risks and enhancing cohesion

4.2 Respecting labour and protecting its fair value

4.3 Eliminating poverty and promoting individual development.

4.4 Chinese dream – Beautiful labour


ACFTU           All-China Federation of Trade Unions

ADB               Asian Development Bank

APEC             Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation

ASEAN          Association of South East Asian Nations

AU                 African Union

CSEE             Central and Southeastern Europe

CIS                Commonwealth of Independent States

DWA             Decent Work Agenda

EC                 European Commission

EU                 European Union

G20               Group of Twenty

G7                 Group of Seven

GDP              Gross Domestic Product

GEP               Global Environmental Products

GII                 Global Information Infrastructure

GGND           Global Green New Deal

HDI                Human Development Index

IILS                International Institute for Labour Studies

ILO                International Labour Organization

IMF                International Monetary Fund

INTUC           Indian National Trade Union Congress

ITUC              International Trade Union Confederation

LAS                League of Arab States

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  Source: ACFTU  2013-05-23

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