Economy and Society, Decent Work and the Role of Trade Unions


2008 International Forum on Economic Globalization and Trade Unions

Background Report

The Sustainable Development of Economy and Society, Decent Work and the Role of Trade Unions

January 2008, China-Beijing
1. Economic globalization, while promoting world’s economic growth, has brought about the imbalance in economic and social development of all countries. With the cross-border capital flow and market competition, the employer-employee contradictions turn out to be more complicated and have received the wide attention from the society. To this end, we are faced with daunting challenges to play the due role of trade unions through adhering to the principle of equality and justice in economic and social development and safeguarding the dignity of employees with decent work.

2. Against the backdrop of economic globalization, countries worldwide, in particular, development countries have realized the necessity to establish an effective mechanism to balance economic and social development, decent work and the role of trade unions since the principle of social equality and justice will be eroded in the end by economic globalization in the absence of such a balance mechanism. In the international community, the process of economic globalization has indicated that consistent expansion of capital would lead to bipolarization with the concentration of capital and social wealth in a few hands who will play a dominant role in national economy and labour relations. Thereby, degrading livelihood and consumption power will lead to shrinking market and further erode the dignity and passion of workers for work and undermine the foundation of social harmony in the end. In this context, it calls for the active role of trade unions and the partnership between trade unions worldwide, in particular, those of developing countries to promote the sustainable development of economy and society and safeguard the dignity of workers with decent work.

Sustainable Development of Economy and Society

3. In the 21st century, with the strong economic growth worldwide, issues of working environment, ecologic system and resources turn out to be more striking. Many countries started reflecting on and explore the strategic orientation of their economic development and decided to realize sustainable development characterized by people oriented approach, fair distribution and effective improvement of working and natural environment rather than a mere focus on economic growth.

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  Source: ACFTU  2009-08-13

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