Ten Key Figures in China's Government Work Report 2014

Figure 7: three "100 million people" tasks

Original text from the report:

For some time to come, we will focus on three tasks, each concerning 100 million people: granting urban residency to around 100 million rural people who have moved to cities, rebuilding rundown city areas and villages inside cities where around 100 million people live, and guiding the urbanization of around 100 million rural residents of the central and western regions in local cities.

Figure 8: increased by more than 10%

Original text from the report:

We will give high priority to developing education and making it more equitable.

We will continue to allocate more education resources to the central and western regions and rural areas and promote the balanced development of compulsory education. We will comprehensively improve conditions in poorly-built and badly-run schools providing compulsory education in poor areas. The number of rural students from poor areas enrolled in key colleges and universities will again be increased by more than 10%, and this will give rural children greater opportunities to receive higher education.

Figure 9: over seven million government-subsidized housing units

Original text from the report:

To achieve the goal of ensuring housing for all, we will build more government-subsidized housing in accordance with the principle of giving targeted guidance, carrying out step-by-step implementation, and having governments at different levels assume their respective responsibilities.

This year, construction of over seven million government-subsidized housing units will begin, more than 4.7 million of which will be in rundown urban areas, and construction of related supporting infrastructure will be strengthened. We will increase the proportion of government-subsidized housing in large cities. We will integrate the operation of public and low-cost rental housing. 

Figure 10: more than 3.9%

Original text from the report:

We will change the way energy is produced and consumed.

We will strengthen energy conservation and emissions reduction and impose a ceiling on total energy consumption. This year, we aim to cut energy intensity by more than 3.9%. Emissions of sulfur dioxide, and chemical oxygen demand will both be reduced by 2%.

We will continue to raise the proportion of electricity generated by non-fossil fuel, develop smart grids and promote balanced distribution of energy resources, encourage the development of wind and solar power and biomass energy, and start construction of a number of hydropower and nuclear power projects. We will strengthen exploration, exploitation and utilization of natural gas, coal seam gas and shale gas.

We will reform pricing of utilities and establish a sound system of tiered pricing for household water and gas consumption.

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  Source: People’s Daily  2014-03-21

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