Collective Contract Provisions(2004)

13. consultation and handling methods in the event of a dispute arising from the performance of the collective contract;

14. liability for breach of the collective contract; and

15. other matters that, as deemed by both parties, shall undergo consultation.

Article 9 Labour compensation mainly includes:

1. wage level, wage distribution system, wage standard and form of wage distribution of the Employer;

2. method of wage payment;

3. wage and allowance for overtime work, subsidy standards and method of bonus distribution;

4. method of wage adjustment;

5. wage during probation period, sick leave and leave of absence, etc.;

6. payment method of wage (living expenses) of employees in special circumstances; and

7. other methods of distribution of labour compensation.

Article 10 Working hours mainly include:

1. man-hour system;

2. procedures for overtime work;

3. working hours for special types of work; and

4. labour quota standard.

Article 11 Rest days and leaves mainly include:

1. daily rest time, weekly rest day arrangement and annual leave procedures;

2. rest days and leaves for employees on which standard man hours may not be implemented; and

3. other holidays.

Article 12 Labour safety and hygiene mainly includes:

1. responsibility system for labour safety and hygiene;

2. labour conditions and safety technical measures;

3. safe operation procedures;

4. standard for distribution of labour protection supplies; and

5. periodic health examination and vocational health examination.

Article 13 Supplementary insurance and welfare benefits mainly include:

1. types and scope of supplementary insurance benefits;

2. basic welfare system and welfare facilities;

3. extension of medical treatment period and the benefits during such extension; and

4. welfare system for the relatives of employees.

Article 14 Special protection for female employees and minor workers mainly includes:

1. work that should be avoided to be carried out by female employees and minor workers;

2. labour protection for female employees during menstrual, pregnancy, confinement and nursing periods;

3. periodic health examination for female employees and minor workers; and

4. system for use and registration of minor workers.

Article 15 Vocational skill training mainly includes:

1. project planning and annual plan of vocational skill training;

2. withdrawal and utilization of vocational skill training funds; and

3. measures to safeguard and improve vocational skill training.

Article 16 Labour contract management mainly includes:

1. time of conclusion of labour contracts;

2. conditions for determining the term of labour contracts;

3. general principles for modification, rescission and extension of labour contracts and conditions for termination of open-term labour contracts;

4. conditions and duration of the probation period.

Article 17 Reward and punishment mainly includes:

1. labour discipline;

2. evaluation system for reward and punishment;

3. procedures for reward and punishment.

Article 18 Layoff mainly includes:

1. layoff proposal;

2. layoff procedures;

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  Source: ACFTU  2014-08-26

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