Law on Prevention and Control of Occupational Diseases

  For the workplaces exposed to radioactive substances and the transportation and storage of radioisotope, the employer shall install protective equipment and alarming devices, and make sure that the workers exposed to radioactive rays wear dosimeters for personal use.

  With regard to the equipment for prevention of occupational diseases, emergency rescue facilities, and the articles to be used by individuals for prevention of occupational diseases, the employer shall have them maintained and overhauled regularly and have their properties and effects tested periodically, in order to keep them in normal condition. Without authorization, it may not have them dismantle or discontinue their use.

  Article 24 The employer shall assign special persons to carry out day-to-day monitoring of the factors of occupational disease hazards and make sure that the monitoring system is kept in normal working conditions.

  The employer shall, in accordance with the regulations of the public health administration department under the State Council, have the factors of occupational disease hazards monitored and assessed regularly at the workplace. The results of monitoring and assessment shall be kept in the unit's files of occupational health regularly reported to the local public health administration department and announced to the workers.

  The factors of occupational disease hazards shall be monitored and assessed by the occupational health technical service institutions set up in accordance with law and authenticated as qualified by the public health administration departments of the people's governments at or above the provincial level. The monitoring and assessment made by the said institution shall be objective and truthful.

  When discovering the factors of occupational disease hazards at the workplace do not conform to the national requirements for occupational health, the employer shall immediately adopt appropriated measures to keep them under control. If they still cannot meet the norms or requirements, the operation where such factors exist, shall be stopped. It can be resumed only after the factors are kept under control and meet the said norms and requirements.

  Article 25 When providing the employer with the equipment that may produce occupational disease hazards, the supplier shall give a handbook in Chinese and put up alarming signs with warning descriptions in Chinese at eye-catching spots on the equipment. The descriptions shall clearly furnish the properties of the equipment, the possible occupational disease hazards it may produce, points for attention for safety operation and maintenance, protection against occupational diseases, measures for emergency rescue, etc.

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  Source: ACFTU  2014-08-26

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