Greeting Speech of Mr. George Mavrikos, WFTU General Secretary

Dear colleagues,

Dear brothers and sisters,

On behalf of the World Federation of Trade Unions, we salute the People and the Working Class of the People’s Republic of China and we express our thanks to the ACFTU for their impeccable hospitality.

This year the tenth Trade union forum is held, jointly organized by ACFTU – ICATU - OATUU and WFTU. We believe that all our meetings up to this day have been successful and have placed the bases to internationalism and international solidarity among trade union organizations and among the workers themselves.

On behalf of the WFTU, an organization representing 90 million organized workers in over 120 countries of the 5 continents, we assure the All China Federation of Trade Unions, the Organization of African Trade Union Unity and the International Confederation of Arab Trade Unions that we ratify our commitment with this joint effort and this common coordination.

Dear colleagues,

Today, the situation for the world working class is very difficult. There are many great unsolved problems. We can highlight as the most important and most urgent of them the prolonged unemployment, which keeps on growing. In all continents, in all countries, the situation for the workers is bad. The women, the youth and the elderly have the biggest percentages among the unemployed. The official figures speak for themselves and testify this bad situation.

The ILO based on the data provided by the governments raises the number of unemployed workers on a worldwide level for 2013 to 197 millions. But, this number is not taking into account the underemployed, part-time workers, the unregistered and the unofficial work.

Considering this reality, the dream for millions on families all over the world is to have a job; and for this job to be full, adequately paid, so that every worker is able to satisfy their contemporary needs.

Our estimate as WFTU is that unemployment will be growing. The recent developments in Ukraine, the intervention from abroad against Syria, the ongoing civil war in Libya and the aggression of Israel against Gaza generate new thousands of unemployed, immigrants and refugees. The dream of all these workers and peoples is that the aggression of the imperialists stops, so that the peoples will be able to decide for themselves freely about their present and future.

The WFTU, we are highly concerned about the spread of the Ebola epidemic in Africa. The poverty and the unemployment, the looting of the natural and economic resources sharpens the problems of the simple and poor people. At the same time re-appear diseases that up to a few years ago were considered completely extinct. Tuberculosis, malaria and other diseases keep killing people in the 21st century.

As WFTU we believe that the international organizations –unfortunately so- do not meet their founding purposes, their statutes and their role. The example of Palestine is the most typical. Since 1948 up to this day, dozens of UN resolutions have not been applied. Thus, the dream and right of the Palestinian People to have their own independent homeland still remains a “pipe dream” up to this day.

In addition, on the ILO level there have not been made any radical changes that would introduce democracy, representativeness and proportional representation to its structure, functioning and its goals. This way a “monopoly” within the ILO is still active, a “monopoly” that doesn’t help the world working class and take the ILO further away from its role, its goals and founding purposes.

The WFTU will insist on these topics. Our affiliates and friends will keep this topic active until the reforms the international militant trade union movement is asking for are made.

Facing these conditions, the WFTU has organized and keeps organizing actions in all continents, in order to demand for all of us food, education, medical care, social security and dignified housing.

This October 3rd we have already scheduled the new worldwide action of the WFTU, with the Unemployment as its main topic.

We fight for reforms in labor, national and international legislation that guarantees the survival of the workers and unemployed people. We fight for reforms that will humanize the human race, help them live better without insecurity or uncertainty. The dream of millions of the working and the unemployed workers is a world that is socially just without exploitation of man by man.

In the context of such an orientation we are firmly together with the ACFTU, ICATU, OATUU, united in order to achieve a better tomorrow for all of us and mainly for the younger generations.

Thank you.

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  Source: ACFTU  2014-09-25

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