Speech by Mr. Vladimir Shcherbakov, General Secretary of General Confederat

Dear representatives and my colleagues,

First, please allow me to extend my sincere appreciation on behalf of General Confederation of Trade Unions to All-China Federation of Trade Unions for inviting us to attend this forum. This forum provides an international platform with increasing influence for representatives from trade unions all over the world to discuss the most urgent and concerned issues and understand and harmonize each other’s standpoint.

Today, the topic is to analyze the influence of change in global labor-capital relationship on workers and discuss how to explore the potential of local and global trade unions under a significantly changed world economic and political pattern.

Despite gradual recovery of global economy after the crisis, the unemployment and income levels have rarely improved.

The international trade union movement is greatly concerned about the problems that the employers and governments disparage the rights of trade unions and workers, and some people are attempting to wipe out the fight for legitimate rights by the trade unions and workers and reduce the social security of the people.

At present, all members of General Confederation of Trade Unions are facing the same challenges. Due to the economic crisis, the growth rate of each country has decreased. The unemployed population is about 8 million and the instable employment is expending, especially in the informal economic sector. A vast majority of workers still cannot be financially independent based on their wages, and are unable to pay for medical care, decent housing and family cost. However, the employers have been always making efforts to reduce regulation over labor market and bend the labor rules.

Collective bargaining is very difficult under the framework of social dialogue. Some enterprises, including MacDonald’s, Auchan and other transnational companies, are obstructing the establishment of trade unions.

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  Source: ACFTU  2014-09-25

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