Speech by Mr. YacoubaKatile

UNTM-Mali has the pleasure to attend the forum.

The theme of the forum has shown clearly that the PRC and union movement have attached great attention to the South-South Cooperation.
In Mali, collaborative projects with China were once the cradle for the country’s industrial take-off. In fact, Seven decades of colonialism has not left any industrial plants or developed any businesses.

In 1962, with China’s support in the collaborative projects, Mali had its first industrial plants. Later, factories in making garments, sugar, cigarettes, matches and pharmaceuticals among other emerged.

Here I want to say that the South-South Cooperation so much fits in with African realities in that it transcends the concerns of capital surplus and the consumption of human resource. Almost all the emerging Western states have imposed insulting conditions on us through a cooperative mechanism.    

Such economic and financial conditions have always been mixed up with state and political issues with the consequences of inflicting damage by separatists here or overthrowing the people’s advanced systems by a military coup there.

The PRC was the first to help these peoples to get out of their terrible situations.

That is why, to the people of Mali, collaboration with China is like a show window which should light up the globe but start from the third world in helping it start the voyage and development.  

We want to promote technology transfer. And this is a real need! However, apart from economic and financial collaboration, highly relevant political, social and economic relations are indispensable, without which the mission will be impossible.

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  Source: ACFTU  2014-09-25

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