Speech by Mr. Raúl PITA Hidalgo

Member of the National Council of the CTC and General Secretary of the Provincial Committee of the CTC Pinar del Rio

Dear Friends,

First, please allow me, on behalf of the CTC, to extend our most sincere and firm determination for unity to All China Federation of Trade Unions and other trade union organizations from other countries.

Mr. Ulysses Giralt de Nascimento, new Secretary General of the CTC, commissioned me to extend our sincere appreciation for the forum organizer to invite us to attend the forum and greetings to all the attendees here.

It is a great honor for us to fight together with our brothers and trade union organizations of each country under the current international situation. Besides, it is a way for us to fulfill the promises committed to our members.

It is just for this reason that all trade unions and laborers shall keep the faith and make efforts to eliminate the unfair, greedy and selfish capitalistic systems which abuse resources and the rights on industrial, national and international levels.

For all the laborers in the world, especially those in the American area, it is important for us to be united both in mind and action to protect our basic rights in employment, education, medical care and social security. That is to say, we should promote the integration against the crisis, and make efforts to put into practice the action plans approved in various international conventions to solve the environment problems.

At present, important political, economic and social reforms are carried out in America to protect the dignity of the people and help them to get a decent and dignified job. It is for the good of the whole society. At the same time, guided by the unity, mutual aid and advantage complementation principles, the regional integration can represent the determination of governments in developing social undertakings.

However, some unstable risk factors are emerging at the same times. Once these factors appear, it will bring greater burden for the laborers.

Dear comrades,

The economic crisis also attacks Cuba. Therefore, the struggle in the economic front is the main task for the CTC and other trade unions. Only through economic growth can we assure sustainable development and security for all the people in the reform proc.

Therefore, while upgrading the economic pattern, we should further improve labor productivity and labor value, and allow all Cubans to enjoy the wealth created by the country in a fairer and more equal way.

Today, we would like to share with you some achievements we have made under the most brutal, genocide-oriented long lasting and ever severer economic, commercial and financial block by the United States.

Seventy five years ago, we established the CTC which is now still the most important power for us to fight against both the internal and external enemies and safeguard the revolutionary achievement. Inspired by the dignity and unwavering will of our martyrs and heroes, we have been always sticking to the unity principle and continue to make efforts to improve the welfare of our people.

Dear brothers and sisters,

Members of the CTC will always remember that the trade union movement of our country has always been helped and supported by the Chinese people and the Chinese trade union movements.

Here, I would like to extend the greetings of the National Council of the CTC to the great working class all over the world.

Long live the proletariat internationalism and great unity!

Thank You!

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  Source: ACFTU  2014-09-25

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