Speech by Mr. Yousif Ali Abdel Karim Yousif


President of the Sudan Workers Trade Union Federation (SWTUF)

Distinguished ACFTU Chairman,

Distinguished ACFTU Vice Chairman, First Secretary,

Leaders of international and regional trade unions from Africa, Asia, Europe and America,

All the guests,

It is a great pleasure for me to have a chance to communicate with the trade union leaders from all over the world on the 10th International Forum on Economic Globalization and Trade unions. Taking advantage of this forum held once a year in Beijing, please allow me, on behalf of Sudan Workers Trade Union Federation (SWTUF), to extend our highest respect to the leaders, government and people of the People’s Republic of China, and appreciation to the chairman and leaders of All China Federation of Trade Unions for the good organization, firm determination, warm reception and utmost cordiality.

My dear brothers and sisters,

On the first forum held in 2004, there were only 4 organizations attending the forum, namely, All China Federation of Trade Unions, World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU), Organization of Africa Trade Union Unity (OATUU), and International Confederation of Arab Trade Unions. Under the leadership of All China Federation of Trade Unions, the forum is continuously expanding and has covered all powerful trade unions from the five continents in the world. Undoubtedly, the forum realizes a balanced and fair international trade union movement, and becomes the most inclusive and important dialogue platform for leaders of international trade unions to cooperate and exchange with each other and discuss major issues. Through the forum, we have learned how to face the issues and challenges and specific measures to solve these issues.

My dear brothers and sisters,

The forum of each year has a theme. The theme for this year is “Reform, Development, and Dream”. Under such a theme, we will discuss a series of issues, including protecting workers’ interest, strengthening unionization capability, promoting economic cooperation and industrial upgrade, etc. Employment is regarded as the foundation for reform and development, and a way to remove unemployment and poverty and increase incomes. Only by correcting planning and proper strategy can we expand employment. At the same time, we should cherish and appropriately develop natural resources, promote human resource development, improve training quality, strengthen the protection for workers, create an appropriate contribution-encouraging environment and respect the workers’ rights, includes all kinds of medical care and pension insurance, etc. Only healthy labors can bring in development, and disease is the first enemy of human progress and happiness. Africa is suffering many diseases, including AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. These diseases have deprived the workers’ opportunity to make contributions. We are making great efforts to prevent these diseases from spreading. However, Africa is still being attacked by acute diseases, which hinders its progress and development. Particularly, many activities and plans are cancelled due to the spread of Ebola in Africa, including the Social Partner Forum to be held in Burkina Faso earlier this month. The Social Partner Forum is an important event held on the call for poverty and unemployment removal put forward by the Africa Summit and will make effective plans to remove poverty, increase employment and realize development. We now need the joint efforts of the national society to take actions immediately to support the development, innovation and production growth of Africa with rich resources and labors. The unity and cooperation of trade unions is an important guarantee to protect workers’ rights, support reform and represent the theme “Reform, Development, Dream”.

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  Source: ACFTU  2014-09-25

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