Speech at an Event to Celebrate the “May 1st” International Labor Day

History has entrusted the working class and working people with a great and arduous mission. Today, the working class and working people are being called upon to open up a splendid new chapter in history. Assuming their position as masters of our country, China’s working class and working people must devote themselves to the development of our economy and society, making renewed contributions to the good life and bright future that we are building together.  

On the road ahead, we must remain committed to upholding the spirit of model workers and promoting the value of work, so as to gather an enormous positive force for the development of China’s economy and society. Work is an activity that human beings engage in by nature. Over the ages, work and creative activities have been important drivers of human progress. As the saying goes, “Poverty is a stranger to industry.” The Chinese are known as a hardworking and inventive people. Just as work and creative activities were responsible for the glorious achievements of our past, they have also been responsible for everything we have achieved today. 

Like a tower, the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics has been built one brick at a time. Likewise, the happy life that the people now enjoy has been created gradually. Model workers and exemplary individuals have shown people what it means to uphold the Chinese path, foster the Chinese spirit, and gather Chinese strength. With a strong awareness of their responsibility as masters of the country, they have set an example for all Chinese people to follow through their fine work, creations, and selfless devotion. The spirit of model workers – loving one’s job and striving for excellence, working hard and boldly innovating, not seeking fame and wealth, and being willing to make sacrifices – represents a vivid expression of our core socialist values. This spirit is a valuable treasure, and an enormous source of inner strength. Those who are being honored as model workers and progressive individuals today are the most outstanding representatives of millions upon millions of working Chinese. The CPC and the people thank you! And our whole society will follow your example. 

A great cause requires a great spirit, and a great spirit comes from a great people. It is of great importance that we promote the spirit of model workers and the value of work throughout our entire society. Through major efforts to make the exploits of model workers and other exemplary individuals known, we must guide the general public in recognizing the value of hard, honest, and creative work; establish the glory of work and greatness of creative activities as powerful themes of our times; and foster a social atmosphere in which work is considered great, glorious, and beautiful. At the same time, we must impart a love of work and creative activities in our children from an early age, teaching them that work and creative activities will not only empower them to sow the seeds of hope and reap the fruits of their endeavors, but will also temper their will and make them better people.   

Our roots are in the working people. In a socialist country such as ours, all work, be it manual or intellectual; and all creativity, be it individual or collective, deserve to be respected and encouraged. The whole of society should observe the principles of respecting work, knowledge, talent, and creative activities, regarding hard work as something honorable and laziness as something shameful. Under no circumstances should anyone, at any time, look down on ordinary working people or attempt to gain a free ride. 

Accolades provide us with the motivation we need to keep on forging ahead. Model workers and exemplary individuals should cherish the accolades that they have received and redouble their efforts. Guided by a love of their job and a desire to be the best, they should draw on the fine character and exemplary actions of the working class to guide and inspire the people as a whole, going on to make new contributions and achievements. CPC committees, government authorities, and trade unions at all levels should do more to exert the exemplary role of model workers by managing them effectively, serving them well, and creating sound conditions for them to work and do business. 

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  Source: ACFTU  2015-10-22

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