Speech at an Event to Celebrate the “May 1st” International Labor Day

On the road ahead, we must remain committed to upholding the position of the people as the principal actors in the country, so as to fully unleash the enthusiasm, initiative, and creativity of the working class and working people. The people are the creators of history. They are the fundamental force behind and key foundation of China’s economic and social development. In seeking to advance the “Four-Pronged Comprehensive Strategy,” it is imperative that we maximize the enthusiasm, initiative, and creativity of the people.

We must develop socialist democracy in an effort to substantially guarantee and constantly further the democratic rights of the working class and working people. On the basis of maintaining an organic balance between the leadership of the CPC, the position of the people as masters of the country, and the rule of law, and with a commitment to preserving the position of the working class as the leading class in our country, we must accelerate the establishment of socialist democracy in accordance with well-defined institutions, standards, and procedures; uphold and improve the system of people’s congresses; advance the extensive, multi-level, and institutionalized development of consultative democracy; and promote the broad and orderly participation of the people in the administration of national, social, economic, and cultural affairs in accordance with the law. We also need to advance the development of democracy at the community level. In particular, we need to improve our system for the democratic management of enterprises and government-affiliated institutions – which is primarily manifested in the form of employee congresses – in order to more effectively guarantee the rights of employees to know about, participate in, express views on, and monitor the affairs of the organizations in which they are employed. At the same time, by showing respect for the creativity of the people and being willing to learn from them, we should attempt to harness the unlimited creativity that lays hidden away among the working class and working people and channel their wisdom and strength into our various causes. 

China’s working class and working people should cultivate a stronger awareness of their historic mission and responsibility. Bearing in mind the bigger picture as they are carrying out their duties, they should integrate their life aspirations and pursuit of family happiness into the great cause of China’s strength, prosperity, and national rejuvenation; tie their own personal dreams closely to the Chinese Dream; and assimilate the developmental goals set by the Party and the state as their own conscious actions.  

On the road ahead, we must remain committed to realizing, safeguarding, and developing the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people, so as to ensure that all people can benefit more fairly and more thoroughly from the fruits of development. The people yearn for a better life, and our goal is to help them achieve it. Working wholeheartedly to further the interests of the working class and working people is the fundamental requirement of our country’s socialist system, a sacred obligation of the Party and the state, and the most important foundation initiative for exerting the leading role of the working class and working people.

The development of the country is a common cause of the people and a process from which all people stand to benefit. Adapting to new conditions in reform, opening up, and the development of the socialist market economy, we must adopt a range of political, economic, social, cultural, legal, and administrative measures to advance social fairness and justice and ensure that the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people are effectively realized, safeguarded, and developed. It is of particular importance that we realize, safeguard, and develop the fundamental interests of ordinary working people. 

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  Source: ACFTU  2015-10-22

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