Speech at an Event to Celebrate the “May 1st” International Labor Day

Through the implementation of a proactive employment policy, the Party and the state must work to create more jobs, improve the employment environment, raise the quality of employment, and increase the salaries of working people, especially those engaged in the front lines of production. To do this, we will need to establish sound CPC- and government-led mechanisms for protecting the rights and interests of members of the public. Focusing on a range of issues involving work, employment, training, income distribution, social safety nets, and health and safety, we should afford more attention to the needs of particular groups, such as workers on the front lines of production, migrant workers from rural areas, and employed people in difficulty; improve systems and remove barriers that are hindering working people from participating in and benefiting from development; and work to ensure that working people can work with dignity and enjoy all-round development. We also need to take more direct, considerate, and effective action in our interactions with the public. Showing genuine concern for the people’s wellbeing, we must be there to extend a helping hand and relieve people of difficulty when they are most in need. We must take solid steps to address the issues that concern people most directly in everyday life, and resolve the problems that cause them the most difficulty, trouble, and anxiety.

Labor relations are among the most fundamental of all social relations. By maximizing the factors that contribute to social harmony, and minimizing the ones that undermine it, we need to establish and develop harmonious labor relations and promote overall social harmony. This means lawfully safeguarding the rights and interests of employees, improving mechanisms for the coordination of labor relations, and addressing labor disputes in a prompt and proper manner. Continuing their fine tradition of seeing the bigger picture and considering the overall situation, China’s working class and working people should view the rebalancing of interests owing to reform and development in the correct light; find the middle ground between personal and collective interests, partial and overall interests, and short-term and long-term interests; and foster a strong understanding of the rule of law and the awareness of the law, with a view to consciously preserving social harmony and stability.

On the road ahead, we must remain committed to raising the overall quality of our workforce, so as to cultivate a massive contingent of highly competent workers. The quality of the working population is a matter of extreme importance for a country and nation. This is because workers who are knowledgeable and talented are more likely to be creative. The effort to raise the qualifications of the entire people, including  the quality of the workforce, is a long-term endeavor of utmost importance for the development of our nation. In the face of increasingly intense international competition, whether or not a country can seize the initiative and gain the upper hand in development is increasingly being decided by the qualifications of that country’s population, and in particular its workforce. Therefore, it is important that we launch a major campaign to raise the level of the workforce, with the aim of cultivating a massive contingent of knowledgeable, skilled, and creative workers. 

It is essential that we continue to implement our strategies of reinvigorating the country through science and education, empowering it with talent, and driving development with innovation. Focusing on the strategic task of raising the overall level of our workforce, we must aid working people in gaining new knowledge, acquiring new skills, and developing new abilities; provide them with broader prospects for career development; and urge them to make a commitment to lifelong learning, with a view to constantly raising their overall level of moral, scientific, and cultural attainment. We must continue to impart people with the ideals of Chinese socialism; cultivate and practice core socialist values; and carry forward China’s fine traditional culture. At the same time, we should promote awareness of social codes of conduct, professional ethics, family virtues, and individual integrity, laying a particular emphasis on professional ethics; continue to carry out the “Chinese Dream – Beauty of Work” publicity campaign; and constantly urge the general public to enhance their confidence in the path, theories, and system of Chinese socialisms. Adopting new approaches to political work, we also need to provide working people with greater care and psychological guidance; foster a healthy, civilized, and positive employee culture; and enrich workers’ cultural lives, so as to meet the non-material needs of the working population. 

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  Source: ACFTU  2015-10-22

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