Efforts to Protect Migrant Workers Gain Ground

In 2014, the ACFTU released the Work Priorities for Safeguarding Migrant Workers’ Rights. Over the past year, trade unions across China have done their utmost to uphold migrant workers’ rights, scoring substantial achievements.

Protection at Source

In the first half of last year, trade unions in China pushed ahead with income distribution reform, participated in the revision of the Minimum Wage Law and in the formulation of the Opinions on Clearing up the Problem of Wage Arrears for Migrant Workers, and took steps to tackle massive overcapacity.

During this period, the ACFTU assisted the State Council in drafting the Opinions on Further Enhancing Services for Migrant Workers. Before the Opinions was released, the ACFTU came up with a raft of proposals, many of which had been adopted. Of the 25 tasks set out in the Opinions, 16 were to be undertaken by the ACFTU, including stabilizing and expanding employment for migrant workers, encouraging business startups and safeguarding migrant workers’ rights. The Opinions pointed out in particular that the organizations of workers, youth and women should improve their services for migrant workers and that social organizations should assume an active role in serving migrant workers.

The ACFTU strove to put on the legislative agenda of the National People’s Congress, China’s top legislature, a wide array of bills, ranging from revising the Company Law, formulating the Collective Contract Law and promulgating the Law on Enterprise Democratic Management. To protect migrant workers’ rights, the ACFTU participated in revising the Interim Rules on Labour Dispatch, the Regulation on Housing Security in Urban Areas, the Interim Regulation on Immovable Property and the Management Method for Residence Permits. Meanwhile, the ACFTU pushed for the improvement of the legal system for social security, took part in devising the country’s insurance scheme and urged the government to enact the Regulation on Pension Insurance for Urban and Rural Residents.

To enhance migrant workers’ self-protection awareness and ability, trade unions across the country gave wide publicity to the Labour Law, the Interim Regulation on Labour Dispatch, the Social Insurance Law, the Special Rules on the Lbour Protection of Female Employees.

To better safeguard migrant workers’ rights, the ACFTU pushed for the implementation of relevant laws and regulations, supervise the implementation of the Interim Regulation on Labour Dispatch and the Social Insurance Law, the Special Rules on the Labour Protection of Female Employees and guided local trade unions in handling labour disputes.

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  Source: ACFTU  2015-04-22

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