Efforts to Protect Migrant Workers Gain Ground

Stepping up Organizing

In 2014, the ACFTU issued the Opinions on Strengthening the Capacity Building of Grassroots Unions, calling for more efforts to organize migrant workers and safeguard their rights.

Immediately after the Opinions was released, trade unions in 9 provinces and cities began making investigations, trying to find out how many migrant workers had been organized. Soon the trade unions mounted a huge organizing campaign in the private sector, especially among the construction, telecommunications and energy industries where migrant workers were concentrated. Thanks to the efforts of trade unions, the unionization rate among migrant workers is on the rise. For instance, China’s railway networks employ 142,500 migrant workers, 95% of whom have joined trade unions. In the country’s educational, scientific and cultural organizations, migrant workers account for 8.8% of the total workforce, yet more than 60% of them have gotten organized.

Job Training and Employment Services

Since the beginning of 2014, trade unions around the country have staged 7,413 job fairs, finding jobs for 1.35 million people. In addition, they have provided training for 620,000 people as well as employment services for 5 million people, of whom 1 million have found jobs.

In 2014, trade unions launched a nationwide recruitment drive aiming to offer jobs to urban laid-off workers, migrant workers and graduating college students. More than 200,000 private enterprises participated in the event, releasing 3 million pieces of employment information. At the end of the campaign, 970,000 job seekers, among them 300,000 migrant workers, received a job offer.

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  Source: ACFTU  2015-04-22

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