Trade unions upscale legal work

After the Spring Festival of 2015, all activists from the Anhui Federation of Trade Unions attended an intensive two-and-a-half-day training session to discuss how to carry out their work given the recent trend for integrating the rule of law into trade union activities. According to a federation spokesperson, trade unions should step up their efforts to protect workers' rights and interests by promoting the framing of legislation, participating in the drafting process, supervising law enforcement and taking the lead in abiding by the law. For these purposes, trade unions should improve their legal knowledge, particularly in terms of contemporary legal concepts that reflect China's current circumstances.

First, trade unions should promote legal progress through legislation. Good laws provide a sound foundation for good governance. To formulate them, legislators need to continuously improve their legal knowledge and have a good understanding of the national conditions and reality. Over the past ten years, trade unions have participated in the formulation and revision of over 20 laws, regulations and rules related to the principal rights and interests of workers, including the Labour Contract Law and the Employment Promotion Law. Many important opinions and suggestions from trade unions have been adopted by the legislative bodies. Provincial and city trade unions up and down the country have participated in the formulation of more than 1,600 local regulations and about 4,800 local normative documents, registering great achievements at all legislative levels.

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  Source: ACFTU  2015-06-02

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