China/Brazil Trade Union Seminar

ACFTU Vice-Chair Jiang Guangping attended and addressed China/Brazil Trade Union held on December 10, 2014 in Beijing.

Themed “Role of Trade Unions in Social Governance”, the seminar was the first of its kind since the Chinese and Brazilian trade unions launched the labor relations cooperation program.

25 senior leaders from six Brazilian trade union organizations attended the seminar. The seminar is meant to promote friendship, deepen cooperation and explore the role of Chinese and Brazilian trade unions in social transition and international governance bodies.

Jiang gave an introduction about China’s efforts to deepen reforms and strengthen the socialist rule of law as well as the ACFTU’s measures for safeguarding workers’ rights.

He said that China has always regarded cooperation with Brazil and other BRIC nations as its top priority. The exchanges between trade unions constitute an important part of China-Brazil relations. The governments of both countries support incorporating the trade union summit into the framework of BRIC leadership meeting mechanism.

He said the Chinese trade unions hope to have deep discussions with their Brazilian counterparts about such topics as the role of trade unions in social governance and in building the rule of law.

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  Source: ACFTU  2014-12-11

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