Li Jianguo: Unions must increase laborers’ welfare

Respected friends,

Ladies and gentlemen,

The 2013 International Forum on Economic Globalization and Trade Unions has opened in Beijing today. On behalf of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, I wish to express my heartfelt congratulations on the holding of the forum and extend my warm welcome to all of you.

The International Forum on Economic Globalization and Trade Unions, which is initiated by friendly trade union organizations, has been held once a year since 2004. During this period, Chinese leaders Xi Jinping, Hu Jintao, Wang Bangguo and Wang Zhaoguo attended the forum and delivered important speeches, demonstrating the importance the Communist Party of China and the Chinese government attach to the working class and the status of trade unions. Thanks to the full support and active participation of all sides, the forum has played a positive role in promoting mutual understanding and cooperation among trade unions of all countries, safeguarding workers’ rights and keeping the international labor movement on the healthy track. The theme of this session “Equal Opportunities, Common Development” is particularly relevant. It offers an opportunity for union leaders from around the world to exchange views, state their positions without reservation and build consensus, which will inevitably promote global economic growth in a stable manner and do much to safeguard the interests of laboring people throughout the world.

Ladies, gentlemen and friends,

At the First Session of the 12th National People’s Congress held in March this year, Chinese president Xi Jinping set forth his strategic thinking on realizing the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation, generating a strong response in China and widespread international attention. During the May Day celebrations this year, President Xi Jinping had cordial talks with worker representatives, emphasizing the necessity to rely closely on the working class to realize the Chinese dream. He pointed out that labor is the driving force behind social progress and that it is imperative to respect labor, improve the well-being of laborers and rely on diligence, honesty and innovation to built a better future. His remarks met with wide acclaim and support of the working class.

To realize the Chinese dream is to realize the great revival of the Chinese nation, national strength and prosperity as well as people’s happiness. The Communist Party of China and the Chinese government has set the goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way by the time the Party reaches its centenary and building China into a prosperous, democratic, civilized and harmonious socialist modern country when New China celebrates its 100th anniversary. Realizing the Chinese dream will not only bring benefits to the Chinese people but also to people all over the world.

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  Source: ACFTU  2014-05-13

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