ACFTU: to establish collective wage bargaining in more enterprises

The ACFTU has attained its planned targets of establishing collective wage bargaining in more enterprises.

Figures released by the Second Session of the 16th ACFTU Executive Committee show that so far 1.33 million collective contracts have been signed, covering 3.52 million enterprises and 160 million workers.

Back in 2011, the ACFTU issued the 2011-2013 Work Plan for Deepening the Work of Collective Bargaining, spelling out the various flexible ways for trade unions to push for collective bargaining, especially in the private sector and the top 500 global companies operating in China.

Meanwhile, trade unions teamed up with government departments to carry out special inspections to help migrant workers get their unpaid back wages. In 2013 alone, trade unions recovered 7.3 billion yuan (about US$ 1.2 billion) for migrant workers.

To help 6 million migrant workers return home for the Spring Festival, trade unions persuaded employers to provide their employees with 81.12 million yuan (about US$ 13 million) in travel allowances.

ACFTU sources say that trade unions around the country will continue to press enterprises to conduct collective wage bargaining and to increase the rate of coverage.

To better protect migrant workers, trade unions will urge government departments to tighten supervision over industries which often default on workers’ pay so that they get paid in full and on time, and play their part in creating mechanisms governing wage determination, wage growth and payment security. Only in this way can workers get their fair share of the benefits brought by reform and development.

  Source: ACFTU  2014-05-23

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