Hubei releases 2014 wage guidelines for 100 jobs

Recently the Hubei Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Bureau published its wage guidelines for 2014. An official of the bureau said the move enables the province to keep up its work in enforcing collective bargaining.

The guidelines were reportedly compiled based on the bureau’s investigation and analysis of pay levels for on-the-job workers in 2013 and the state of the economy in various parts of the province.

The new guidelines cover 17 industries in the province, including services, transport, textiles, post and telecommunications, machinery, construction and chemicals, as well as jobs in eight industries that are prone to high employee turnover and easily filled by workers without much experience. The guidelines provide a list of jobs at the low and high ends of the wage spectrum as well as those in the middle, with the low end standing for wages offered by inefficient enterprises and the high end by enterprises with good performance.

According to the guidelines, jobs in the middle of the wage spectrum pay an average of 2,000 yuan a month and the industries that employ most medium-wage earners are scattered across 15 cities in the province.

The official explained that although the wage guidelines are not compulsory, they provide an effective quantification basis for collective bargaining. Employers, workers and various other parties involved in collective bargaining can log onto the website of the bureau to check out the wage guidelines and use them as a reference for their negotiations.

  Source: ACFTU  2014-12-15

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