2005 International Trade Union Forum

The 2005 International Forum on Economic Globalization and Trade Unions was held in Shanghai on 20 September. Addressing the meeting, ACFTU Chair Wang Zhaoguo stressed that Chinese trade unions will strengthen cooperation with trade unions around the world, promote world peace and development based on the principles of independence, mutual respect and seeking common ground while putting aside differences. Before the Forum, Wang had held meetings with all the international participants.
Wang pointed out that peace, development and cooperation not only are the common aspirations of people all over the world but also constitute a way for humankind to eradicate poverty. Poverty eradication is a common responsibility for the international community and the Chinese Government has made unremitting efforts in this respect.
He said that trade unions of all countries should commit themselves to promoting world peace, help build a new global labour movement and make concerted efforts with governments and peoples throughout the world to work toward economic and social progress.
Wang emphasized that trade unions should bear in mind their respective national conditions and workers’ needs, get actively involved in the affairs of the international labour movement and the formulation of international rules to ensure that workers of all countries, especially the developing countries, enjoy a fair and reasonable share of the benefits of development.
The International Forum on Economic Globalization and Trade Unions is both a successful experiment and a practical means for trade unions in all countries to strengthen communication and expand cooperation. The 2005 forum, the second of its kind after the inaugural event held in 2004, had the aim of providing an open platform for trade unions of different social systems and ideologies to exchange views, coordinate positions and put aside differences with a view to seeking areas of commonality.
The forum addressed two topics. One focused on measures to increase union density rates. The other was devoted to the role of trade unions in eradicating poverty under globalization. Delegates discussed a wide range of issues, such as building union strength, giving full play to the role of trade unions in eliminating worker poverty and ways to safeguard workers’ rights and interests more effectively.
ACFTU Vice-Chair Zhang Junjiu presided over the opening ceremony, which was addressed by Han Zheng, Mayor of Shanghai, followed by OATUU Secretary General Hassan Sunmonu on behalf of foreign union leaders.
The forum brought together leaders from WFTU, OATUU, the Brotherhood of Asian Trade Unions (BATU), the Latin American Central of Workers (CLAT) and other trade unions in India, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico and China.
  Source: ACFTU  2005-09-20

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